Condensed Matter National Laboratory

2D materials-based energy storage electrodes


(Internal): Saeideh Alipoori, Narges Nobakht

Funded by

IPM, Iran Science Elites Federation (11/66332)

Published Papers

1- Review of PVA-based gel polymer electrolytes in solid-state supercapacitors: Opportunities and Challenges, Journal of Energy Storage, 27, 101072, 2020

2- Graphene oxide: An effective ionic conductivity promoter for phosphoric acid-doped poly (vinyl alcohol) gel electrolytes, Polymer, 184, 121908, 2019

3- Binder-free reduced graphene oxide 3D structures based on ultra large graphene oxide: High performance green micro-supercapacitor using NaCl, Journal of Energy Storage 21, 310-320 2019

4- Silicon: a ubiquitous contaminant in graphene derivatives with significant impact on device performance, Nature communications 9 (1), 5070, 2018

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14- Comparison of GO, GO/MWCNTs composite and MWCNTs as potential electrode materials for supercapacitors. Energy & Environmental Science, 2011. 4(5): p. 1855-1865

Summary in English and Photo

Flexible electronic multifunctional energy storage systems will allow the design and production of a new generation of portable electronic devices with distributed mechanical and electronic functions as well as energy storage capabilities, if realized. With many conceived novel features, such as flexibility, lightweight, and foldability, significant efforts have been devoted to fabricating these types of multifunctional devices by using carbon nanotubes or graphene as the active materials of choice for wearable electronic components. Although many promising breakthroughs have been made, as of yet, no multifunctional flexible architecture has been shown to possess all these functions simultaneously and these architectures have been proved to be very challenging to produce. Importantly, the capacitance values obtained to date still fall short of the theoretical value, with values of 409 Fg-1/electrode the best to date, reported in our paper published in ACS Nano. The purpose is then to address the above-mentioned challenge to design and fabricate self-assembled hybrids of graphene and 2D metallic transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) or in general the so-called vdW heterostructures for use as flexible multifunctional architectures in energy storage device systems and thermoelectric materials.



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