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One Day Workshop on Diamond Magnetometry : a Quantum Sensing Technique

November 21, 2022 (30 Aban 1401)

Diamond magnetometry is a quantum sensing technique which allows nanoscale MRI. It is based on a defect in diamond, the so-called NV center, which changes its optical properties based on its magnetic surrounding. Since optical signals can be read out more sensitively, this technique offers unprecedented sensitivity. We will first give a general overview over different modes of diamond magnetometry and discuss advantages and drawbacks.

In the second lecture we will focus on relaxometry, a specific mode of diamond magnetometry and how we use this technique to answer biological questions. More specifically, relaxometry is sensitive to magnetic noise and in a biological context this technique allows us to detect free radical generation which is an important biomarker for stress responses in cells and organisms and is difficult to access with state-of-the-art technology.

Finally, we will discuss the commercial applications of diamond magnetometry and more specifically of relaxometry. Further, we will introduce Diamond Visions and their activities to give an insight over the commercial aspects of diamond magnetometry that are currently available.


The workshop is free of charge and will be held online via a link posted here and by email to registered participants. It is highly recommended that participants access the virtual meeting room via Chrome. Due to the limited capacity of the virtual meeting room, those who register in advance may have priority attendance.


Deadline for Registration is 25th of Aban 1401 (November 16, 2022)

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