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1. M. Moazzami Gudarzi and S. M. Aboutalebi,
Reassessing the existence of soft X-ray correlated plasmons,
Nature Communications 14(2023),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-033    
2. S. Vahabi Komsari, H. Taherkhani and M. Pakpour,
Investigating the use of zinc production wastes as filler in asphalt mixtures,
Taylor & Francis Online 24(2022), 1728-1747  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-030    
3. M. Moazzami Gudarzi and S. H. Aboutalebi,
Mapping the Binding Energy of Layered Crystals to Macroscopic Observables,
Advanced Science (2022), 2204001  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-029    
4. S. Madani, C Falamaki, M. Kazemzadeh, A. Rahmanifard and S. H. Aboutalebi,
Conceptual Circuit Model for the Prediction of Electrochemical Performance of Carbonaceous Electrodes Containing Reduced Ultra Large Graphene Oxide,
J. The Electrochemical Society 169(2022), 040554  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-028    
5. M. A. Sanjari Shahrezaei, S. M. R. Taheri, H. Nikfazan, A. Satalov, M. Moazzami Gudarzi and S. H. Aboutalebi,
Anomalously low electrostatic bending stiffness of graphene oxide 2D membranes regulates their environmental fate in aquatic ecosystems,
J. Mater. Chem. A (2022),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-027    
6. H. Taherkhani, S. Vahabi Komsari and M. Pakpour,
Evaluating the properties of zinc production wastes as filler and their effects on asphalt mastic,
Construction and Building Materials 273(2021),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-031    
7. M. Moazzami Gudarzi and S. H. Aboutalebi,
Self-consistent dielectric functions of materials: Toward accurate computation of Casimir- van der Waals forces,
Science Advances 7(2021), eabg2272  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-026    
8. M. Moazzami Gudarzi, S. H. Aboutalebi and A. Satalov,
Is the debate over grana stacking formation finally solved?,
Nature Plants 7(2021), 277-278  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-025    
9. S. Alipoori, M. M. Torkzadeh, S. Mazinani, S. H. Aboutalebi and F. Sharif,
Performance-tuning of PVA-based gel electrolytes by acid/PVA ratio and PVA molecular weight,
Springer 3(2021), 1-13  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-024    
10. M. A. Sanjari Shahrezaei, S. M. R. Taheri and S. H. Aboutalebi,
Correlation of interfacial dilational rheology and processing of 2D Materials liquid crystals: A case-study of graphene oxide liquid crystal phases,
Iranian Journal of Physics 20(2020), 515-524  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-023    

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