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November 21, 2022 (30 Aban 1401)- more
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Past Events

CMNL Workshop Series
  Sun Jan 1 2017 (1395/10/12)

“ Surface Forces: Measurements and Analysis”
Mohsen Moazzami Gudarzi(Department of Inorganical and Analytical Chemistry, University of Geneva Switzerland )

• Principles of force measurements
• Colloidal probe atomic force microscopy
• DLVO theory and beyond
• Surface forces in the presences of macroions
• Aggregation of 2D materials
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CMNL Workshop Series   Tue Jan 10 2017 (1395/10/21)

“ Advanced Orientation (Imaging) Microscopy ”
Hossein Alimadadi (Center of Electron Nanoscopy, Technical University of Denmark)

• Formation of Kikuchi band in SEM
• Phase identification and microstructural characterization
• Orientation microscopy
• Complementary techniques: XRD, FIB, TEM
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CMNL Workshop Series   Sat Mar 12 2016 (1394/12/22)

“ Advanced 2D Materials Processing: from Synthesis and Fabrication to Practical Applications”
Rouhollah Jalili (Australian Institute for Innovative Materials)

The prospect of developing multifunctional flexible three-dimensional (3D) architectures based on integrative chemistry for lightweight, foldable, yet robust, electronic components that can turn the many promises of 2D materials-based devices into reality is an exciting direction that has yet to be explored. In this workshop, we cover the fundamental insights and challenges that can provide the basis for the development of fabrication protocols for these two-dimensional soft materials, in a diverse array of processing techniques. Click here to proceed with registration.

CMNL Workshop Series   Sat Mar 5 2016 (1394/12/15)

“ Flatland: 2-D materials beyond Graphene ”
Zahra Gholamvand (Trinity College Dublin)

The potential of 2D materials lies on the opportunities offered by their unique band structures to attain devices that have no analogue in silicon-based electronics. The fundamental insights accrued during the last decade, also provide opportunities for new device concepts. The key to success in the realization of such exciting advancements in a wide range of practical applications lies in the understanding and exploiting the nature of 2D planar materials. This calls for developing a platform for rational design, fabrication and subsequent characterization of these interesting materials for harnessing and translating their unique properties into practical device applications. To this end, here, we present a forward-looking review of the state of the art of 2D materials production, properties, handling, characterization and applications. Click here to proceed with registration.


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