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21. S. Zamharir, R. Karimzadeh and S. H. Aboutalebi,
Laser-assisted tunable optical nonlinearity in liquid-phase exfoliated MoS2 dispersion,
Appl. Physic.A 124(2018), 692  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-014    
22. R. Jalili, D. Esrafilzadeh, S. H. Aboutalebi, Y. M. Saberi, A. E. Kandjani, S. K. Bhargava, E. D. Gaspera, T. R. Gengenbach, A. Walker, Y. Chao, C. Wang, H. Alimadadi, D. R. G. Mitchell, D. L. Officer, D. R. MacFarlane and G. G. Wallace,
Silicon as a ubiquitous contaminant in graphene derivatives with significant impact on device performance,
Nature Communications 9(2018),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-013    
23. D. Nasr Esfahani and R. Asgari,
Superconducting critical temperature of hole doped blue phosphorene,
  (to appear) [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-012    
24. M. Qorbani, Tsu-chin Chou, Lee. , Satyanarayana Samireddi, Naimeh Naseri, Abhijit Ganguly, Ali Esfandiar, . Wang, Li-Chyong Chen, . Chen and Alireza Z. Moshfegh,
Multi-porous Co3O4 nanoflakes @ sponge-like fewlayer partially reduced graphene oxide hybrids: towards highly stable asymmetric supercapacitors,
J. Mater. Chem. A 5(2017), 12569-12577  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-011    
25. S. Jalili-Firoozinezhad, M. H. Mohamadzadeh Moghadam, M. H. Ghanian, M. Kazemi Ashtiani, H. Alimadadi, H. Baharvand, I. Martin and A. Scherberich,
Polycaprolactone-templated reduced-graphene oxide liquid crystal nanofibers towards biomedical applications,
RSC Adv. 7(2017), 39628-39634  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-010    
26. B. Ramezanzadeh, M. H. . Mohamadzadeh Moghadam, N. Shohani and M. Mahdavian,
Effects of highly crystalline and conductive polyaniline/graphene oxide composites on the corrosion protection performance of a zinc-rich epoxy coating,
Chem. Eng. J. 320(2017), 363-375  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-009    
27. M. Monirul Islam, D. Cardillo, T. Akhter, S. H. Aboutalebi, H. Kun Liu, K. Konstantinov and S. Xue Dou,
Liquid-Crystal-Mediated Self-Assembly of Porous a-Fe2O3 Nanorods on PEDOT:PSS-Functionalized Graphene as a Flexible Ternary Architecture for Capacitive Energy Storage,
Part. Part. Syst. Char. 33(2016), 27-37  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-008    
28. D. Esrafilzadeh, R. Jalili, E. M. Stewart, S. H. Aboutalebi, J. M. Razal, S. E. Moulton and G. G. Wallace,
High-Performance Multifunctional Graphene-PLGA Fibers: Toward Biomimetic and Conducting 3D Scaffolds,
Adv. Funct. Mater. 26(2016), 3105-3117  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-007    
29. P. Bakalov, D. Nasr Esfahani, L. Covaci, F. M. Peeters, J. Tempere and J. P. Locquet,
Electric-field-driven Mott metal-insulator transition in correlated thin films: An inhomogeneous dynamical mean-field theory approach,
Phys. Rev. B 93(2016),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-006    
30. L. Majidi and R. Asgari,
Specular Andreev reflection in thin films of topological insulators,
Phys. Rev. B 93(2016),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/CMNL-005    

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