Condensed Matter National Laboratory

Reza Asgari (Director)
Prof. Asgari is the director of the CMNL, which has recently been established as an independent experimental research unit within the IPM since 2015.
Prof. Asgari's field of research interest includes a number of problems in the challenging area of quantum many-body physics. He has been working on two-dimensional crystal material systems namely graphene, transition metal dichalcogenide and phosphorose systems. More specifically, He is interested in many-body physics by carrying out the physical quantities of many body problem and specially the transport properties of a few layer graphene and other advanced two-dimensional material systems.
Furthermore, cold dipolar atom gases have attracted a lot of attention due to the novel anisotropic and long-range character of dipole-dipole interactions. He is also working on one- and two-dimensional dipolar Fermi gas systems and interested in the phase diagrams in such systems. Click here to view detailed CV of Reza Asgari.

Khashayar Khazen
Dr. Khazen has joined CMNL in August 2015, as a research fellow. He mainly follows researches on semiconductor based-spin qubits using magnetic resonance-based techniques.
He also works on the magnetic properties of engineered graphene oxide and the possibility of engineering these properties. Moreover, his research includes investigating applications of this system in bio-medical and biology fields.

His main expertise includes magnetic resonance spectroscopies, magnetometry, magneto-transport, near field spectroscopies (LT/UHV-STM, NC-AFM, etc.), X-ray and neutron reflectometries, Accelerator based techniques such as Rutherford backscattering, elastic recoiled detection analysis and nuclear reaction analysis. He uses synchrotron based techniques to investigate the surface and interfacial properties. Click here to view detailed CV of Khashayar Khazen.

Seyed Hamed Aboutalebi

Davoud Nasr Esfehani
Dr. Nasr joined CMNL in October 2015. His main area of research is condensed matter physics. In particular, he has applied a number of many-body techniques, such as Gutzwiller approximation and dynamical mean field theory (DMFT) to thin film models. He is also interested in non-adiabatic phenomena in the interacting systems and more recently, he has conducted research on structural and electronic properties of 2D materials by using first principle methods. Click here to view detailed CV of Davoud Nasr Esfahani.

Maryam Pakpour

Seyed Mohammadreza Taheri

Omid Akhavan

Seyed Nader Seyed Reyhani


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