Condensed Matter National Laboratory

Wed Sep 23, 2015 (1394/7/1)
“Electric field effect on strongly correlated systems: A model Hamiltonian study”. Davoud Nasr Esfahani (University of Antwerp) click to view the abstract.

Wed Sep 16, 2015 (1394/6/25)
“Processing Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotubes: Routes to Self-assembly of Designed Architectures for Energy Storage Applications”. Seyed Hamed Aboutalebi (University of Wollongong) click to view the abstract.

Wed Aug 5, 2015 (1394/5/14)
“From isolated gold nanocrystal to well-defined colloidal crystal; Unexpected mechanical and electronic properties” Imad Arfaoui (Université Pierre et Marie Curie/CNRS) click to view the abstract.


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